Relevent Credentials & Memberships

Equissage Europe - 2019

Studied with: Helen Wooley, MCSP Grad Dip Phys CPSM SRP CPTRH cert IAAMT Fellow ISAP

Certificate in Equine Sports Massage and Rehabilitation (ESMT)

British Horse Society (BHS)

Certification in Essential Horse Knowledge - 2019 

International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork (IAMMB) 

Professional community upholding the values and standards of practice for complementary bodywork for animals.

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What is Equissage?

Equissage is a recognized certification program in Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage Therapy. Conceived in 1989 in the United States by (human) massage therapist Mary Schreiber, Equissage was originally marketed to race tracks and show barns on the east coast of America. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Horses who had suffered injuries were healing at a rate that was previously thought to be impossible by industry professionals. 

Equissage gained regional recognition so quickly in the United States that it began gaining national attention, even appearing in a July 1990 issue of Sports Illustrated. On the back of this success, in 1992 the official Equissage Certification Program was launched, and has now trained upwards of 8,000 Equine Sports Massage Technicians. I received my training at Equissage Europe - run by Helen Wooley (MCSP Grad Dip Phys CPSM SRP CPTRH cert IAAMT Fellow ISAP). Helen, in addition to being a highly-experienced equine sports massage therapist has been a physiotherapist specialising in (human) orthopaedics and sports medicine for nearly two decades.

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