About Me 

I was a "horse girl" growing up in the USA, but as so often happens in life, school, work, and travel pulled me away from horses for years until a few years ago, when I could no longer ignore the feeling that it was time to go back. 


Fast-forwarding to the present-day, after over a decade in my job as a hospital-based Nurse Practitioner, I felt the desire to try and help people in a more tangible and holistic way, so I became a certified (human) massage therapist. In this role, I found that by scaling-back to the more basic, intuitive practice of the laying-on of hands, I was able to help people regain and strengthen their mind-body connections, work-through and alleviate aches and pains, and help them to tap-into the body's innate ability to heal itself. In doing so, I was able to witness clients improve the overall quality of their lives in a truly meaningful, and often immediate way. 

Applying this same philosophy to equine massage has been incredibly rewarding. Horses are wise and intuitive animals, and inevitably I learn something from each and every interaction. Every session I do is like a master class in mutual respect, trust-building, and partnership. These noble animals do so much for us, it truly is the ultimate privilege to be able to return the favor and help them not only heal, but thrive.

At Living Earth Equine Massage I use the Equissage technique for equine sports and rehabilitation massage. You can learn more about Equissage here.


Every massage is tailored to suit your horse's unique needs. Living Earth Equine Massage focuses on balancing your horse's body by systematically assessing specific muscle groups, and applying various massage techniques to any areas of tension that are found, as well as employing specific stretches when appropriate. Each session provides a full-body massage treatment, although the area of focus may differ from session to session depending on what your horse has been doing, and what was found on assessment.

Your first appointment may take a little longer than average, as I will take a detailed history of your horse, gain information about the kind of work he does (or perhaps how long he has been retired), and spend a bit of time getting to know the horse and building trust. If it's indicated I may also ask you to lead your horse in hand or take some photos or video so that I can assess the horse's movement or confirmation before and after the massage. The massage itself can happen anywhere your horse is safe and comfortable, whether it's in his stall, in cross-ties, or even in a riding school arena or round pen.

Please note that in the United Kingdom, Equine Sports Massage Therapists operate under the Veterinary Act of 1966, which states that veterinary permission must be acquired prior to me treating your horse with massage therapy. For more information or to download a veterinary consent form, click here.



Initial Appointment


Routine Session




On-Site Event Massage for Riders

price varies

Seated on-site massage enbables a shorter session that fits into a busy schedule, without the hassle of having to get undressed or covered in oil. On-site massages are abbreviated, yet effective, using a mix of classic Swedish, myofascial, and accupressure techniques that focus on releasing the back, neck, and shoulders. The perfect complement to a busy clinic or show day.



Large Stables & Riding Schools

I am happy to travel all over Scotland - if you have a stable with multiple horses whom you would like treated, get in touch!